Our Story

OUSON Group is a well-established Australian property developer based in Melbourne, with a strong track record for identifying, planning and delivering quality developments. It is well capitalised with $3.4billion (AUD) in projects underway or in the pipeline in Sydney and Melbourne.

OUSON has business interests in all sectors of property development, funds management and asset management.

The OUSON team consists of a group of local elite professionals with extensive industry skills and experience which enables OUSON to make the right decisions at the right time. OUSON is constantly fine tuning the development strategy of each project against current market trends and forecasting to ensure that each project generates the best result for our investors. Ultimately OUSON seeks to achieve a comprehensive sustainable development that improves the lives of our customers and enhances their local community.

OUSON will ensure generous returns for our investors through careful planning, cost-efficient redevelopment, successful leasing and marketing plans of those projects. OUSON’s investments and developments have brought very favourable and secure results to investors, which makes OUSON one of the most preferred partners for investors who intend to enter the Australian property market.