Funds Management

Funds Management

Ouson Property Funds Management is a real estate fund manager that owns, manages and invests in retail, commercial and residential property. Ouson Property Funds Management will offer a comprehensive product suite offering investors exposure to high quality property assets.

With over 15 years in property development and asset management Ouson has a strong track record in the development and asset management space. Partnering with a property developer manages one of the key risks of lending for property development in that Ouson, can step in and take over and deliver the project should the borrower either default or not be able to complete the project.

Managed by an experienced management team with proven track record that has achieved award winning success in the private equity industry. Composed of investment professionals with material China and international experience that coalesce around integral skills to private equity including banking, accounting, legal, corporate and investment institutions.

Ouson’s experience in site identification, acquisition, development, construction, sales, delivery and settlement mitigates many of the risk associated with lending to property developers. The assessment of deals will go through a rigorous assessment process whereby Ouson will extensively review program and project costs which will then be all supported by a Quantity Surveyor report.

The Directors and Senior Executives of Ouson Fund Management operations have considerable experience in property funds management, property investment, property acquisitions, development and management.

Fully Integrated Model

Actively manage all property assets in-house. The property team will oversee the strategic management of all assets, ensuring that tenant requirements are met, space is leased, buildings are operating efficiently and projects are delivered on time and on budget.

Keeping these functions in-house, and not relying on third party contractors, creates a seamless link between investors, the assets and tenants. This approach means we have full control of asset management and allows us to focus on constantly improving property income returns, capital values and tenant satisfaction.

Active Asset Management

We will take an active approach to asset management; constantly looking for opportunities to lease assets, acquire new properties and recycle capital. We are specialists at value-add projects and asset transformations, which improve value for our investors and utilise all aspects of our fully integrated property management model.

Robust Investment Management

We are focused on creating value and delivering sustainable income for investors through our stringent investment management processes. With a strong focus on governance, compliance and oversight we have the confidence to time entry and exit from markets, and align ourselves to the interests of our investors.

Using an innovative structure

While the legal structure of unit trusts are well defined and fairly standard across the industry, there is still significant scope for developing innovative solutions that deliver value for investors. Unlike a traditional direct property syndicate, Ouson could structure a trust so that the trusts sole asset for the initially could be a construction site rather than a completed building. Usually, unit trusts pay distributions from rental income. With the major tenant not commencing payments until practical completion we needed to find a way to deliver investors a monthly distribution payment.


Property Development Finance Fund

The funds raised will be invested in high-quality real estate development projects approved by Ouson, which will be funded by the company. The developer will use the development land as collateral and pay the corresponding interest as the investor’s return on investment.

Property Development Fund

The funds raised will be invested in stable, high-quality diversified commercial real estate such as hotels, student apartments, childcare, medical centres, and aged care. Investors can indirectly obtain the benefits of large-scale real estate investment while taking on limited liability.

Property Investment Fund

The funds are invested in mature properties that are stable in operation rather than in the development stage, such as office buildings, shopping malls, industrial real estate. Get fixed income by holding fixed assets. Divided into holding assets and gaining assets.